Private Hire

IMG-20130420-00117Looking to hire a function room in the center of Salisbury?  How about in a historic building dating back to around 1350, still with original features?

How many people can we accommodate?

We can quite comfortably hold 60 people for a buffet style event.  If you’re looking for a more formal event then we can also easily accommodate 40 people.

What type of events can we accommodate?

In the past we have hosted a wide variety of private gatherings such as weddings, confirmation parties, birthday parties, hen parties, as well as formal business meetings.  We always work to accommodate private party requests, which means that we’re generally very flexible with the types of parties we can host.


We’ve only ever had to turn away private parties for one reason, and that’s when we’ve been fully booked.

 Do you cater for private parties?

We can cater for everyone in your private party, offering either meals straight from our main menu or we can tailor a menu specifically for your group.  We regularly cater for a variety of people visiting from a variety of destinations such as Japan, Korea, Holland, U.S.A and Taiwan, many with specific food requirements.

As long as we are given prior notice we can accommodate the vast majority of dietary requirements.

How do I book the function room?

There are 2 ways to get in contact with us. You can either phone us directly on;

01722 338 102 or e-mail us

Let us know the date you want to privately hire our function room and for how many people, and we’ll be able to let you know promptly if we have availability.